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Trainings, resources, checklists, and more to grow from a solo-practice to thriving tutoring team!

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We're in the final stages of completing our bundle on HIRING and growing your tutoring team with our guest presenter, Dite Bray. Some of our private cohort members have been eagerly awaiting for this bundle of trainings to be available, so we decided to offer EARLY ACCESS while we wrap up the final part of creating this course.

If you want early access, you can even get 30% off enrollment!

This hiring bundle is a treasure trove of resources and trainings to help you as you go from a one-tutor operation to starting to build a team. In this 5 part series, Dite shares 5 in-depth trainings...

  1. Planning for hiring- are you ready?
  2. Scaling your systems to go from what works for one to what works for a tutoring team
  3. Professionals to consult with for your support team
  4. Employee vs. 1099 considerations
  5. Posting & interviewing resources to build your tutoring team

Each part of the training includes...

  • video training
  • presentation slides
  • a printable action guide for implementation and reflection
  • checklists
  • helpful links

Since you're getting early access, you will see that 80% of the course is complete. All of the video trainings are live, the presentation slides are available, and the printable action guides for Parts 1-3 are ready for download. The printable guides for Parts 4 & 5 will be released next week. We will also be adding in the helpful links for each of the sections, and have already started adding these in.

We will also be adding in more directions for each of the section to provide guidance and support. However, if you don't mind waiting for everything to be "polished" and for the final components to be finished, then you may want to grab this EARLY ACCESS 30% enrollment rate while you can! The EARLY ACCESS 30% off promo ends Monday, November 15th.

This bundle of resources is $197, and you can click "Add Coupon" on the checkout page. Use the coupon code EARLY30 to get 30% off on the pay-in-full plan. Use the coupon code EARLY30PLAN to get 30% off using the 2-installment payment plan.

Early access is best for people who already have experience with Tutor Success Academy courses and resources, and who already know they want to get their hands on these trainings!

If you would like more of a detailed description of what is included, with everything DONE, simply wait for the course to be finished and you'll have all the information you need to decide if this resource can help you in your tutoring business.

If you have questions, email the team at [email protected] . (Please know that because it is the weekend, it may take a little bit longer for the team to reply to emails.)

Happy hiring!

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