5 Ways Tutoring Can Shape Your Future

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Think for a few minutes about your future and where you see yourself in one year, five years, and ten years.

As you imagine your future, do you see yourself as a classroom teacher?

Have you ever before taken the time to consider what you can do, as an educator, beyond the classroom? Is there something else out there that will work better for the life and future you’re imagining?

You might be waiting for your school or district to create a new position or an opportunity for you to advance your career. Maybe you’ve thought about trying a different role while remaining in education. 

Many teachers we meet imagine and hope for a future where they can teach with freedom. They still want to work with children, they got into education to help children after all, but they want the freedom to create their own schedule and focus on the areas they are most passionate about.

Does that sound like the future you imagined?

Here are 5 Ways Tutoring Can Help to Shape the Future You Are Imagining! 

1. Tutoring can fit into any stage of life.

We know educators who began their careers as tutors and never even taught in a classroom. We know tutors who left the classroom after a few years to tutor full-time. We know tutors who work with just a few students because they also teach in the classroom full-time. We know tutors who began as a homeschooling parent and transitioned to tutoring after that.

We also know tutors who launched their businesses in retirement after teaching in a classroom for 30+ years. This allowed them to continue working with kids while also bringing in supplemental income. 

We’ve seen tutors find success at every single stage of life. 

2. Tutoring offers incredible flexibility.

Imagine homeschooling your kids while traveling the country in an RV. This is the level of flexibility that tutoring can offer you and your family!

But, this flexibility is not limited to lifestyle. You also have the flexibility to decide what you teach, how you teach it, where you teach it, what you charge, and so much more! Your tutoring model can look however you want it to!

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3. Tutoring allows you to earn additional income (and still be generous with your time and talent). 

Imagine what you could do in your life with supplemental income or an additional revenue stream! 

Most educators get into the profession to help children. Because of this, they can often feel guilt about charging for tutoring services. That feeling is normal, but you are also a skilled professional and deserve to be compensated for your services.

That being said, as a tutor, you can also decide to charge what you want and offer scholarships when and where you see fit.  

There is no one right way to do it. You can build your business to support your future goals and your community needs.

4. Tutoring allows you to create your own path.

It used to be that educators entered the classroom and stayed there until retirement. Maybe they left to start a family or to move into administration, but that was it. 

That is no longer the only career path available to educators. With tutoring, your professional career can grow outside of the traditional classroom model. The possibilities and opportunities are endless. You can craft what you want your legacy and impact to be!

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5. Tutoring can open up new opportunities for you.

When you begin to tutor, you may see new opportunities you never even imagined before. This could be in training, resources, or any number of areas. 

You can branch out and network with more educators and specialists. Through networking and community, you might meet and collaborate with people you never even imagined. This could lead to speaking opportunities, leading presentations, advocacy, and so much more!

You will begin to see that you can spread your impact further and wider than you ever imagined. Teaching does not have to be a singular career path. Your skills and experiences can open up a world of opportunities you never even realized were available to you!

Become a tutor and create the future you’ve only dreamed of!

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