The 4-Step Organization Plan for Your Tutoring Business

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When it comes to organizing our spaces, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Whether it’s a big or small task, a physical space, or a virtual space – getting organized can create a sense of focus and calm in your space. When you feel good in your space, you will work more efficiently. You need an organization plan for your tutoring business!

But, getting organized is no easy task. We know this! The key is knowing that organization is not about perfection. Start small. Choose one manageable area to begin and jump right in!

The Four-Step Organization Plan for Your Tutoring Business

Whenever we begin to organize any area of our lives, we implement this four-step process:

  • Gather – if you are organizing a bookshelf or a cabinet, this is the step where you take everything out.
  • Sort – now that everything is out, sort through it. Create piles for what you will keep, what you will give away or sell, what you will through away, and what you can repurpose. 
  • Organize – Now, clean the space and put things in their new space. 
  • Personalize – Add little touches that make it more enjoyable for you. This might be family photos, an inspirational quote, fun pens, or warm lighting. 

You may need to break this into two days. Do your gathering and sorting on one day and your organizing and personalizing on the next day. 

Before you get started, you want to create a plan. Look at everything you have and make a list of what you might need to buy and what you can repurpose.

Take another moment to get inspired. Dig into podcasts and audiobooks for a little guidance and peruse your favorite magazines, Pinterest, or Instagram for organizational inspiration!

3 Areas of Your Tutoring Business to Get Organized This Year

1. Your Physical Space

Boss Headquarters

When it comes to your boss headquarters, begin by considering the current problems you have with this space. Think about what works in your space and what doesn’t.

Imagine how you want your space to feel. Then consider what small changes you could make to this space to improve it.

Student Space

Again, here, think about what works and what doesn’t. Do you struggle to find the student materials you need when you need them? Is your student space distracting and overwhelming for your students? What can you do to make this space work better for you and your students?

2. Your Tutoring Materials

Think about how you currently have your tutoring materials organized. What works about your current system and what doesn’t work? 

If you are organizing materials in a cabinet or on a bookshelf, it’s a great idea to use clear containers so you can easily see what’s inside them. Then add labels to the outside so you can both see and read what is inside. 

Travel Tutoring

If you travel to another location to tutor, consider your system for organizing the materials you bring with you. Do you use totes and tubs? How does this work for you? Could your system be improved?

3. Your Tech

We live in a tech-centric world. Organizing your tech likely feels huge and overwhelming, but you can choose one area to begin and work through systematically for a digital declutter. 

Maybe you start with your:

  • Inbox
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Hard drive

Consider using a tool like Trello to help with your digital organization. 

Ready for an organizational overhaul? 

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