Task Batching Tips to keep Your Tutoring Business Visible

Consistently showing up for your audience can be one of the most challenging parts of running a tutoring business. We’re educators, after all, not marketing experts! But we know that creating a platform and being visible is a HUGE part of running a small business. This is how we get our name out there and connect with potential clients. One thing that we’ve found that makes this so much easier is task batching!

You can implement a task-batching process in your tutoring business that will free up your time and leave you feeling good about what you got done!

What is task batching?

Task batching is not just another buzzword or trend that will end up leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed. It is a systematic approach to brainstorming, creating, scheduling, and distributing your content that saves time and energy!

When task batching, you look at your repetitive business tasks and complete them more efficiently. Task batching is helpful for those of us who have incredibly busy lifestyles with lots of moving parts because it allows us to set aside a block of time each month (or whatever increment of time you choose) to complete a repeatable task and then free up the time you’d have spent on that task throughout the month. 

This process serves to both alleviate stress and get you more organized! Once you get yourself into a task-batching rhythm, you’ll begin to notice chunks of time opening up that were never before available to you. 

Three-Step Task Batching Process to Keep Your Tutoring Business Visible

Step 1: Consider what matters most in your business. 

Begin by brainstorming what it is that matters most in your business. As a tutor, that’s likely going to be your students and their families. So, think about those things that you do to find and nurture students. 

You need to:

  • Show up consistently
  • Build brand awareness
  • Share valuable content

Step 2: Break your goal into simple targets.

We recommend breaking things down into simplified targets. These are the main areas where you show up each month to serve your audience. 

For a tutoring business, they could be:

  • Emails
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts

Read 3 TRIED AND TRUE SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS FOR TUTORS for more on what to post and why!

Then you choose one day a month to work on that target for the upcoming month. Now, jumping into batching content for all of your targets at once may be overwhelming. We suggest you start with one target to get used to the process and make it work for yourself, then roll into the other targets over time. 

Step 3: Take action.

Now that you’ve determined your goals and targets, it’s time to get the actual work done! On the day that you’ve set to batch your content for that target for the coming month, you work through your action steps. 

Let’s use email as an example. Say you send one email a week. That means you’ll be writing and scheduling four emails when you sit down to batch. 

These might be your action steps:

  • Decide on topics
  • Research
  • Write email content
  • Format in your email management system
  • Schedule emails

Now, you repeat this process for each of your targets. You will want to set a separate day to batch content for each of your targets.

Free up your time and feel good about what you get done. Implement a task-batching process for your tutoring business!

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