5 powerful ways to Build Your Community Outreach!

Community and connection are EVERYTHING. In this digital world, people want to see who you are and feel connected to you. This community outreach is how you begin to build that know, like, and trust factor. 

That is just one of the many reasons why community outreach is so, so important for you and your tutoring business!

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What is community outreach?

Community outreach is any occasion or event when you intentionally reach out to your community or audience. 

Community outreach helps you build trusting relationships with families. This is also a way to add value and help grow your audience.

We know opportunities to share have been limited in the past few years, but times are changing and we definitely see more chances coming on the horizon! 

Here are five creative ideas to consider when building your community outreach plan:

1. Movie Night (for the parents)

Host a movie screening of an educational documentary at a local library. After viewing the documentary together, you can follow it up by leading a guided discussion. This is a great opportunity to hear from your community and share some of your expertise. Prepare some discussion points ahead of time and also allow the flexibility to see where the conversation takes you. 

Allow for question and answer time in the end and provided resources where and when you can!

2. Table Time

Set up a table at a local farmer’s market or town or city-wide fair. Use this opportunity to provide helpful tips for families about any topic in education you are passionate about. Maybe your booth or table will have summer reading tips with bookmarks to pass out and a chance to win a free book.

3. Speak up

Your school district is a great place to get started. They may not even be aware of the excellent resource they have in you. Offer to do a presentation for the school district’s parent advisory group. Choose a  topic in education you are passionate about and your passion will shine through!

4. Display

Your local library is a great place to reach your community. Ask the library if you can create a bulletin board display to spread awareness or family tips for helping children at home. You can update your bulletin board at the library each month based on a specific tip or theme. Leave pamphlets and your business card on the bulletin board so that families can find and connect with you. 

5. Get Social

Use social media for live presentations. Think virtual workshops or webinars. Invite families to attend and learn how they can help their children at home. You could even present a virtual workshop series for parents!

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There are a TON of fun and creative ideas out there for community outreach! And yes, each of these ideas will take some planning on your part when you get started. Please don’t feel like you have to commit to monthly outreach events – that would be A LOT on you! Start small. Perhaps, plan one for twice a year or even seasonally. Once you have created one presentation, you can easily repurpose and reused with for different audiences!

Community outreach is important and you can do it in a fun, creative, and low-stress way!

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