How to Create Multiple Income Streams As a Tutor

How to Create Multiple Income Streams As a Tutor

Many educators and tutors don’t even realize the varied ways they can bring in income. So much is possible when you start to think of how you can create multiple income streams as a tutor in unexpected ways. 

There are ways to leverage what you are already doing in your tutoring business to build multiple streams of income into your business. 

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Here are Four Steps to Earn Income Beyond 1:1 Tutoring

1. Think about the layers of your business 

Take a look at and consider the layers of your business:

  • What do you do for free?
  • Do you have any short-term commitments or only long-term?
  • What is your primary offer?

Picture your 1:1 tutoring offer at the center of a circle and then begin to consider what other circles could come out wider from that center. There are so many different layers of influence and impact that you can have on your students, your community, and other educators.

If you are really intentional about this, you can begin to bring in income in multiple ways that help people in multiple ways.  

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2. Consider how you can diversify

Take a look at your offerings and consider how diverse your income streams are. Diversifying your income streams makes your business more solid. 

A few ideas for diversifying your income are:

  • Coaching parents
  • Offering workshops or courses for parents or other educators
  • Creating a community for parents or other educators
  • Creating and selling products

Diversifying your income streams creates tremendous peace of mind in the chance that one of your income streams hits a roadblock. For example, if you have diversified your income streams and then you lose a 1:1 tutoring student, you would feel less pressure to get that spot filled quickly.

3. Leverage your time

When it comes to leveraging your time, we want you to think about two things

  • Long-term commitments vs. short-term commitments
  • Working 1:1 vs. working with groups

You’ve heard the phrase work smarter, not harder? Leveraging your time is one way to do this!

You can leverage your time by creating offers that are only a short-term commitment for you. Think about offering a one-off workshop or class. You can plan for and create the resources for the class or workshop and then offer it regularly. 

You can also leverage your time by creating small group offers. With 1:1 tutoring, you’re planning once for each student. With a group offer, you can typically make double what you’d make with a 1:1 session but plan for the group, instead of for each individual student.

4. Explore “passive” income opportunities.

We put passive in quotes because nothing is truly passive. Everything takes time and effort, at least at the beginning, to get going. However, at some point, you can step back and let it earn without your hands-on attention. It will continue to bring in income even if you are not actively putting in time. 

Some passive income opportunities include:

  • Downloadable products
  • Evergreen courses 
  • Affiliate marketing

The Tutor Tool Kit is an example of one of our evergreen courses that generate passive income. We spent a lot of time creating it and occasionally we make updates to it, but aside from that, it generates passive income for us!

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