Should I List my Tutoring Prices on my website? Why You Shouldn’t

One of the most popular questions we get asked is: Should I list my tutoring prices on my website?

This is a complex and nuanced topic and the answer won’t be the same for every tutor out there. In this post, we’re going to cover all of the reasons why you might NOT want to list your prices on your website. (To review the reasons why you might want to, check out this post.) 

We come at this from personal experience as neither of us lists our prices on our tutoring websites. However, it is important that you have all of the information and do what is best for you and your tutoring business. 

3 Reasons Why You Might NOT Want to List Your Tutoring Prices on Your Website:

1. It gives you the opportunity to talk with the family first.

Sometimes, when a family sees a certain price, it may stop them from taking the next step. Not having your rate listed on your website encourages people to reach out to you and open up a line of communication.

This means you get to start talking with the family about their journey and their concerns for their child. We see this as a great opportunity. Even if that family does not sign up with you, you get to support them and guide them towards resources that could be valuable for them. 

This type of positive experience and relationship building might lead to working together in the future or to referrals down the line.

2. You are better able to communicate the value of your services.

Before you ever talk about price, you can let families know what tutoring sessions look like, and how they will help their specific child and his/her needs. You can use your conversation to demonstrate how your specific type of intervention will help.

You’re also able to show and explain how your tutoring differs from homework help, academic tutoring, or traditional tutoring. By the time you talk about price, the parents have a better understanding of why this is a valuable service for their child.  

Having the opportunity to do this can be very helpful if you offer a more specialized type of tutoring. It allows you to differentiate yourself and explain the value of that difference.  To learn more about different types of tutoring businesses, read 8 Truly Unique Types of Tutoring Businesses.

3. You can help parents find clarity.

It is never our job to try to convince parents or caretakers that their child needs tutoring. Our job is to help them find clarity around whether or not this is a step that will help their child. This opens up the opportunity for you to explore and explain ways that you can make it work. 

This also allows you the flexibility to work with a family’s financial restrictions. You can offer different payment options based on their needs. 

If you decide NOT to list your prices on your website, keep these potential challenges in mind…

1. Some families want to know the price right away. 

For some families, it can be a stress relief to know, right away, if something is financially attainable for them or not. Listing your prices on your website will give them a better idea of this from the start. Not listing your rates on your website could slow things down or even make them move on to another tutor who does list their prices. 

2. You might need to streamline your process.

As you become busier and busier as a tutor, you might find it necessary to streamline your own process. Not listing your price on your website means that your process will always begin with a meeting. This might become too much for your schedule. In which case, adding your prices to your website could be the best option for you. 

Having as much information on your website, ready to go, and available to potential clients can definitely streamline your process. 

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Remember, when you’re asking yourself, should I list my tutoring prices on my website – there is no right answer for everyone. Take your time, evaluate the options, and choose what works best for you and your business.  

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