5 Website Must-Haves for Your Tutoring Business

Whether you’re just starting out in your tutoring business or you’re looking for a redesign, it’s important to make your website memorable. Your website provides validity to your brand and serves as the home base for your online presence. 

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Think about what it is that makes a website really stand out. 

  • A clean and clear design and layout
  • Consistent branding – logo, fonts, and colors
  • Impressive content
  • Interesting visuals
  • Easy to navigate

Without a clear map or layout, a website can become confusing to navigate. Because of that, there are a few key elements and pages your tutoring website must have. 

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Here are 5 Important Elements and Pages Every Tutoring Website Must Have!

1. About page or section

Depending on your layout design, this could be a section on your homepage, or it could be its own page. 

This section or page should include a photo of you, and a brief bio sharing a little about yourself, your background, and your credentials. This credential piece is very important when families are deciding whether or not you are the best fit for their child.    

2. Contact page or form

This could be a form at the bottom of your homepage or it can be its own page. 

You want to include your work phone number and your email address hyperlinked so that visitors can click it and immediately send you an email. 

3. Your offers

Your offer consists of the services you offer to potential students, whether that is 1:1 tutoring, small group lessons, courses, or something else. Make sure your offers are described clearly and followed up with a call-to-action to register or contact you, whatever next step you prefer. 

You can display this information on a page for your services. Additionally, you can highlight specific offers with a pop-up. This is a great strategy for getting potential students’ families on your email list, offer a free resource in a pop-up. 

Curious if you should list your prices with your offer, you might want to but you also might not want to. Check out these posts on that topic!

4. Social proof

Your website needs to provide social proof. Social proof shows that you are a trusted business owner who can help children make progress. 

A great way to do this is by providing testimonials from families that you’ve previously worked with. Testimonials look great when they are worked into the layout of your homepage and pages. These testimonials will help families make a decision about contacting you. 

5. Social media buttons

Including buttons that direct a visitor to your social media accounts is a great way to stay in contact with someone who is not yet ready to contact you and sign up for your services. They can click on your Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube channel, or Pinterest and follow. Then, they can stay in the loop.  

Social media buttons are great to include in the header or footer of your website or near a menu. 

Learn more about creating an effective social media presence as a tutor!

Bonus: A blog!

A blog is a tool to bring more validity to your brand and it serves as a resource for families or other tutors. It is another way to add value to your website.  

If you decide to include a blog on your website, keep a few things in mind as you write blog posts:

  • Practicality
  • Audience
  • Images
  • Content
  • Tone

If you decide to include a blog on your website, it provides excellent content for you to share on your social media accounts and in emails. It also becomes searchable on Google and can bring more people to your website!

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