3 Tried and True Social Media Tips for Tutors

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We meet so many tutors who are ready to throw in the towel when it comes to posting on social media. This is totally normal, social media is overwhelming! There are so many platforms and it can feel like as soon as you get into a nice groove, everything changes! It’s easy to become desperate for some social media tips for tutors!

We’ve been on social media talking about our tutoring businesses, dyslexia awareness, and our resources for close to ten years now. And we’ve weathered many storms and changes on all the platforms. We want to share some tried and true, concrete tips that will help to keep you focused and energized as you take on social media for your tutoring business!  

Here are the 3 most critical social media tips for tutors to grow their audience and find new clients:

1. Be consistent.

Most social media platforms don’t want a fair-weather friend. They don’t want you to drop a meme and disappear for two weeks. Then share an article and disappear for a week. Then share a tip and disappear for a month. 

When we see someone posting inconsistently in their business, we assume…

  • They’re new to this.
  • They don’t know what to post.
  • They haven’t yet created a system for consistent posting.

When you get into the habit of posting consistently, then you will begin to see more traction, interaction, and engagement with your posts. And we’re not just talking about likes, but also comments and shares. 

When you begin to show up consistently, it signals to the social media platform to show your posts to more of your audience and then your reach will begin to grow, too. Just like any other relationship, you’ve got to show up consistently, put in the time, and earn it. 

2. Know your audience.

Once you’ve started to post consistently, you really want to begin to look at who makes up your audience. Then, try to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself these important questions:

  • What is my audience looking for?
  • What does my audience need?
  • What can I post that will serve my audience?

It may help to imagine and picture the actual person on the other side of the screen. That person is your priority when it comes to posting.

3. Think about what you post.

When it comes to choosing what you will post, always think about what it is that will help your audience. That means you won’t always just be posting what you want to share. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t share personal posts, it just means that you want to make sure that there is something in each post that will serve your audience and that your audience can connect with. 

So, think about who your audience is. Maybe it’s parents, caregivers, and teachers. Then, think about what will help them the most. And that, right there, will give you a lot of insight into what you should be posting. 

Here or some types of posts you might want to consider:

If you want even more help planning your social media posts, we have a great resource, What Do I Post? Social Media Idea Generator. It is designed specifically for tutors and education businesses AND it’s available as part of our Members Academy.

Wondering if it’s okay to recycle your old social media posts? Read Recycling Old Emails and Social Media Posts – Is It Okay?

Following these simple steps will help you to build a following that will come to you as a trusted source. 

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Getting to the heart of what your audience needs will take some reflection, good listening, and planning. 


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