3 Questions to Consider Before Investing in Your Tutoring Business

It was Jill’s last year of teaching and she knew that if she wanted to truly make her tutoring business a success, she needed support. At that time, her tutoring business was just a small side hustle.

There was a course that she had been eyeing for a while and it was the last night of enrollment. Doors closed at midnight. It was about 11:50 PM she had her laptop open, nervous as anything. She was having such a hard time hitting that “enroll” button. But, she DID IT!

That wasn’t the first, only, or last time either of us was nervous to invest in ourselves. We’ve had that same hesitation when enrolling in business courses or when signing up to move forward with Orton Gillingham training… that $2,000 price tag sure made us bite our nails!

And when it was time to get an advanced degree or certification for teaching? It made us nervous EVERY time.

Here’s what helped us make the decision to invest in ourselves each time…

We knew it would be worth scrimping and saving to make sure we could live out the future we envisioned for ourselves. 

Choosing to invest in yourself is HARD. We get it!

Here are 3 things to consider before investing in your Tutoring Business (and Yourself):

1. Is this the right time to invest in my business?

You are the only one who knows if this is the right time for you and your business. What it really comes down to is whether it feels like an investment that makes sense for you NOW.

Even if you’re just in the early stages, just THINKING about starting a tutoring business, or even if you’re busy with trainings, wouldn’t it BENEFIT you to be able to resources and this “business sense” from the get-go? Ready when you need it? Ready BEFORE you need it, so you’re not fixing mistakes that could have been avoided?

For many educators, an installment plan makes an investment a more realistic option. If this feels like the right step to take, then you will be GLAD you invested in yourself.

2. Will I earn back my investment?

Putting out any sum of money is a whole lot easier if you know you’ll be able to earn it back. With a tutoring business, there are a few simple ways to earn back your investment in a tutoring course, academy, or summit. 

  • Enroll just 1 new student
  • Learn how to avoid lost income
  • Gain the tools to make your income predictable and consistent
  • Set up systems that save you time (and we all know time = money)

The short answer is yes, you can absolutely and quite easily earn back your money when investing in your tutoring business. 

Investing in learning about business (how to earn additional income, find new students, minimalize cancellations and lost income) will literally “pay you back ” in multiples. For real. It’s just math.

3. What will I gain from the investment?

Making an investment into your tutoring business will provide you with the support you need to go from being an educator to learning the skills to be a happy, successful business owner.

When you invest in your tutoring business, you gain so much, like…

  • Support
  • Confidence
  • Knowledge
  • Strategy 
  • Inspiration 

… just to name a few things. 

Building a business, even one “on the side” is harder when you’re doing it alone. A community can help you make better choices from day one and help you AVOID mistakes they already made. Making an investment in your tutoring business in the form of a course, attendance at a summit, or membership in a community can help cut down your learning curve tremendously.

Investing in yourself and your tutoring business may feel like a scary big step, but what you will gain is invaluable! 

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