3 Simple Tips for an Incredible Experience at Any Online Summit

As teachers and tutors, we’ve all spent time at conventions, workshops, or an online summit. We all know how it goes. We head into the event full of excitement (or maybe a little overwhelmed by all the different presentation options). Immediately after, we’re lit up and excited about our tutoring business. Then, we come back to reality and we put all of our notes and handouts into a folder on a shelf and they just sit there. Ultimately, we may even totally forget about them!

We don’t want that to happen to you at the next convention or summit you attend. That’s why we’re sharing our top tips to help you focus on the presentations that will make the most impact on your business and then easily apply the action items to your tutoring business!

(Hot tip: these strategies apply to in-person or virtual conferences and summits and can even be applied to online workshops and courses, too!)

Here are our top 3 tips for educators who want to make the most of their time at a teacher convention or online summit:

1. Choose to view or attend the presentations that most support your goals.

We know at any conference or summit you attend there are going to be so many amazing topics covered. It may be a little bit hard to choose. 

However, we want you to decide what you really want to get out of the event. What is it that you’re really seeking to learn about? And then based on that goal, look through the lineup and pick out the presentations that you count as your top choices. Aim for about three to five presentations that you really want to attend or view because they are aligned with the goals you’ve set. 

If you are attending virtually, you can choose to watch these presentations first and come back for additional presentations as those topics become more important to your business. 

When you focus on a few presentations that really support your goals as opposed to consuming as much content as you can, you are more likely to take action on the things you’re learning.

If you’d like more support in setting goals for your tutoring business, read: 3 Tips to Begin Building Your Tutoring Business!

2. Take notes.

As educators, we all know you are more successful when you write things down! As you are attending or watching those top three to five presentations, take some notes. Look for ideas that really apply to you and tips that you can easily put into action.

When you’re taking notes, you can use your favorite note journal, your business dream book, or, the conference or summit you’re attending may even supply you with a guide just for this purpose! 

3. Try something new.

Instead of letting this amazing information sit on your shelf and collect dust, we want you to think about taking action. After you’ve watched the presentations that really spoke to you, set a realistic goal. Then, try to think of one thing that you’ve learned that you can visualize yourself putting into action and trying out. Once you’ve attended the presentation or watched it and you’ve taken notes on it, it will feel more real when you make a plan to do it. 

This is your chance to take a risk and put what you’ve learned into action! Try something new for your business and see what comes of it. There’s so much power in trying just one thing. You’re going to experience massive success in taking that first step forward, and the momentum that comes with making that decision to make that first time.

When you focus on your goals, take notes, and try one thing, it will make any online summit, conference, or convention experience even more impactful in your life!

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