What to do When Nobody Signs Up for Your Offer!

After weeks of preparation, you put your tutoring services out there into the world, or you finally announce that awesome new group or club you’ll be teaching in the fall, and then… CRICKETS! Nobody signs up for your offer!

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You just KNOW kids and families would benefit from your services, but no one is biting. There must be a disconnect somewhere – but what is it? There may be a few things that you can easily tweak to help people say YES to your offer and sign up!

STOP – Read this BEFORE you make any tweaks to your offer:

Have you shared your offer multiple times? Often, when sharing our services or new offers we’re discouraged if we get no sign-ups immediately. Remember, though, it’s a busy world out there and there is a lot of information coming at us all at once.

You want to make sure you are sharing your offer many times, in many different ways, to as many people as you possibly can before you get discouraged and consider it a bust. Don’t just put it out there and think, “I built it, they will come.” It’s not like Field of Dreams. You have to get your offer in front of people and they need to see it more than once before they consider signing up.

Make sure you are providing enough time and sharing it often enough that your ideal client can:

  • see it,
  • learn about it,
  • think about it,
  • come back to it,
  • and then finally, sign up.

Just because people do not sign up right away, it does not mean no one wants or needs it.   

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Here are Four Things to Do When Nobody Signs Up for Your Offer!

1. Ask the people you want to reach what they want and need.

You thought people would love your offer, but, it’s possible that what you created is not really what they needed. Take some time to ask those who you thought would love this offer what it is they really feel could help them right now

Something that you think could be helpful, they might not even know they need, OR, it might not be the biggest thing they need right now. When you think about your offer, ask around and see if it really is what people are looking for at this time. If it’s not, find out what it is that would be helpful for them.

Your goal is to create offers that will help the people you want to reach. It’s not about convincing them that what we’ve created is cool, it’s about creating a service that meets their needs and fills a gap. 

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2. Consider the structure. 

Think about the structure of your offer. Is it 1:1, a class or group, or a club? Is it super structured or a little bit more loose? If one of those isn’t working, maybe the people you’re trying to reach are looking for the other. 

Think about if there is a way to restructure your offer to better meet the needs of your families. 

3. Look at the calendar.

Take a look at other things that are happening in your community and around the world. What other things might you be competing with for time and attention? 

Consider the following:

  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • How often the class will meet
  • How long the class will meet for

4. Is it the pricing?

Setting prices can take a bit of navigating to figure out your sweet spot. When it comes to groups, classes, and clubs, it might take you a little bit to figure out what to charge. Start by taking a look at what comparative classes are charging. You may have to try a few prices out to see what works and what doesn’t. 

When no one signs up for your offer, don’t worry! It might just need a simple tweak. 

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